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Add Over 500GB of Storage to Your Xbox for Only $139

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Add Over 500GB of Storage to Your Xbox for Only $139


After the uphill battle to get your hands on a brand new Xbox Series X or Series S, the last thing you want is to pick and choose what games you can play on it because it lacks internal storage. And while you can certainly delete and redownload games as needed, massive games can take hours or days depending on the size. If you want to be able to play the games you want when you want, it’s worth investing in extra storage space. Right now, you can pick up this 512GB expansion card for just $139, doubling the storage of the Series S, and increasing the storage of the larger Series X by a whopping 50%.

Using this expansion card couldn’t be any easier. It plugs directly into the backs of the Series X and S and is programmed to seamlessly integrate into the Xbox Velocity architecture. Because it’s designed specifically for Xbox, there is virtually no lag in power or speed compared to the console’s internal SSD. It boasts lightning-fast load times for a truly immersive gameplay experience and allows you to switch between titles smoothly so you can pick up right where you left off. This Seagate SSD is a simple and relatively affordable way to take your console to the next level.

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original source: Add Over 500GB of Storage to Your Xbox for Only $139 – CNET

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