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Here’s Everything Destiny 2’s World First Raid Completion Changed In The Game

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Here’s Everything Destiny 2’s World First Raid Completion Changed In The Game

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After about seven hours, many of which were spent getting error coded, we had the world’s first completion of Destiny 2’s Vow of the Disciple raid from the Witch Queen, the same team that got World’s First VoG in its reprisal, Elysium.

I was watching Saltagreppo’s stream live when it happened, and it was cool to see him win, but we have yet another instance of fan-favorite Datto missing winning by three minutes, but this whole raid race wasn’t the best as some people spent half their run being error coded while others didn’t.

Regardless, the main thing I was curious about besides the raid mechanics themselves was what was going to change after the raid was completed, as this seemed like the type of Destiny 2 expansion that was going to do that.

So, here’s the list of what’s been found so far, at least:

When you log into the game, a new cutscene plays about the end of the raid and the vanquishing of the Disciple, along with warnings about threats still to come.

The main thing is that a new mission has opened up within the Pyramid ship itself, which is minimum 1540 power. You get the assignment for the mission at the evidence board on Mars, and then can solo it for a pinnacle drop.

The mission


The mission, Preservation, is essentially a relaxed run through of the first two areas of the raid. It features what I would call “baby raid mechanics” which resemble the actual ones from these segments. First you collect knowledge to move a payload through a swamp. Then inside the first pyramid section, you kill enemies who tell you where to go using symbols that spawn after they die.

The “point” of this mission, besides raid training, is that we get a look inside the life of Rhulk, the raid boss imprisoned by Savathun, and his history and homeworld. I’ll go into that lore a different time, but used the 1400 second mission end timer to find 5 different lore scannables with narration around the area. I find myself wondering if next week this mission could change and put us into a different part of the ship, learning a few new mechanics, and finding the other 5 scannables. But we’ll see.


  • Completing this quest, if you already did the other steps including the insane Wellspring weapon grind, will allow you to finally get your exotic class glaive.
  • In the Throne World, Fynch has new lines about Rhulk’s vanquishing and clearing out the Pyramid of remaining scorn in the Presevration quest.
  • If you look toward the Pyramid itself in the Throne World (best seen from Miasma) you can see that it has changes and now is exuding energy.
  • Ikora has four new void 3.0 fragments for sale which cost 100,000 glimmer total on EACH character. Not cheap. I believe they just wanted these disabled before World’s First for some reason, but you can pick them up now, they include:
  1. Echo of Instability: Grenade final blows grant Volatile Rounds to weapons. (+10 Strength)
  2. Echo of Harvest: Precision final blows on weakened targets create Orbs of Power. (-10 Intellect)
  3. Echo of Obscurity: Finisher final blows grant Invisibility (+10 Recovery)
  4. Echo of Starvation: Picking up Orbs of Power grants Devour (-10 Recovery)

So far, these are all the changes I’ve found. It’s entirely possible something related to the raid and Rhulk changes with reset next Tuesday, but for now, you have a lot to get started on.

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