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The Papers: ‘Welcome to hell’ as Putin ‘lays waste’ to Ukraine

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The Papers: ‘Welcome to hell’ as Putin ‘lays waste’ to Ukraine


By BBC News

Image caption,The Daily Telegraph reports that the first major Ukrainian city has fallen to the Russians, after the mayor of the strategically important city of Kherson said it was in enemy hands and Moscow planned to set up a “military administration” there. The paper says it means that Russia has now established a “bridgehead” from which its forces can cross the River Dnieper and head westwards and northwards to attack the capital Kyiv from a second direction.

Image caption,The Times says Russian President Vladimir Putin has laid waste to Ukrainian cities, shelling schools, hospitals and homes. Alongside a picture of homes destroyed in Zhytomyr, 90 miles west of Kyiv, the paper warns the invasion is threatening to escalate “into a long war of attrition”.

Image caption,”Welcome to hell” is the headline for the i, which reports that babies are being born on the floors of air raid shelters as Russia intensifies its bombing of Ukraine. The paper pictures a young woman holding what appears to be a newborn in an underground shelter, saying Ukraine’s next generation are “facing a frightening future”.

Image caption,The Daily Mirror also has a picture of a baby boy born in a bomb shelter during an assault on Kyiv. “For his sake, for his future, stop,” the paper appeals.

Image caption,The Metro quotes a defiant Volodymyr Zelensky as saying Russia’s invasion has united his country as “one”. Echoing the UK’s wartime leader Winston Churchill, the Ukrainian president implores his people to achieve their “finest hour”, the paper reports.

Image caption,President Zelensky has accused Russia of aiming to “erase” his country, the Guardian reports. The paper says Ukraine is facing a “growing humanitarian crisis”, with the World Health Organization concerned about the provision of electricity, oxygen and medicines.

Image caption,Meanwhile, Russia has acknowledged heavy causalities of its own in Ukraine, saying 498 of its troops have died, with a further 1,597 injured, the Financial Times reports. The paper notes that this death toll is almost five times higher than Moscow’s total losses in Syria – although Ukraine claims the figure is much higher.

Image caption,The Daily Express reports that “broken” Russian soldiers have told their captors they had no idea they were being sent to invade their “brother nation” of Ukraine. “Even Putin’s soldiers don’t want war,” the paper claims.

Image caption,The Daily Star reports that a group of “brave” men and women blocked the road to a nuclear reactor in Ukraine, branding them “heroes”. The paper says the world is praying Russian forces “don’t spark a new Chernobyl” – referring to the 1986 explosion considered to be the worst nuclear disaster in human history.

Image caption,The Daily Mail says the Duchess of Cornwall was in tears during an event at the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral in London, where she met representatives from humanitarian organisations and Ukraine’s ambassador to the UK. She told the ambassador’s wife: “We are praying for you,” the paper reports.

Image caption,Roman Abramovich’s decision to put Chelsea up for sale makes the front page of the Sun. It says the Russian oligarch is “panicking” as government sanctions threaten his fortune. “Clear Offski”, is the paper’s headline.

The Daily Telegraph leads with what it calls the “surrender of Kherson” – declaring it the first city to fall into Russian hands.

The paper says it is a strategically important city which gives Vladimir Putin’s forces a key bridgehead to cross the river Dnieper.

The Telegraph also reports that the southern port city of Mariupol is being flattened, with its water and electricity supplies cut off, in what are described as “classic siege tactics”.

The paper says it has uncovered evidence of Russian war crimes including the destruction of maternity units. The city’s mayor tells the paper “their mission is to destroy us”.

The Times uses a picture of Ukrainian houses reduced to rubble to accompany its headline: “Putin lays waste to cities”. It says Russian forces have pulverised schools, hospitals and homes across the country.

The paper also says Mariupol came under indiscriminate shelling and describes hospitals there as “overflowing with dead and wounded”.

Image source, Getty Images
Image caption,Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city, is among those to be hit by heavy shelling

The growing humanitarian crisis is the focus for the Guardian, which reports the deaths of hundreds of civilians in what it describes as “relentless missile attacks”.

A representative of the World Health Organization tells the paper that health service provisions are being moved to shelters and basements – and they are concerned about electricity supply, oxygen and medicines.

The Daily Mail reveals that the Duchess of Cornwall has given what it says is a “substantial donation” to the paper’s refugee appeal.

The Daily Mirror and the i both carry photos of a baby born in a bomb shelter in Kyiv in recent days. The Mirror’s headline is the plea: “For his sake, for his future… stop”. The i’s headline sums up the plight of the newborn being cradled by his mum as: “Welcome to hell.”

The front page story for the Daily Express is what it calls “broken Russian soldiers” who have been captured by the Ukrainian army. It describes “weeping prisoners” who claim they were deceived into fighting President Putin’s war.

They have told their captors they had no idea they were being sent to invade a “brother nation” and did not have the heart to fight.

The Times describes how a captured soldier burst into tears when he was allowed to speak to his mother on the phone. The paper says he was comforted by a Ukrainian woman who told him everything would be ok, while another stroked his back.

Roman Abramovich’s decision to sell Chelsea Football Club after almost 20 years is widely discussed on the front and back pages.

The Financial Times says the Russian oligarch has pledged to donate the proceeds to victims of the war in Ukraine and waived a loan to the club of £1.5bn.

The Telegraph reports that the Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss and American businessman Todd Boehly have teamed up to make an offer for the club.

The Sun describes Mr Abramovich as a “panicking billionaire” worried about sanctions, adding that he has refused to condemn the actions of President Putin. The Sun’s emphatic headline tells him to “Clear offski”.

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